Vintage Works of Green Bay makes powder coating easily accessible and affordable for hobbyists and homeowners.  View our powder coating gallery on this page for examples of our capabilities or simply stop by our shop to see the many different colors, textures, and finishes available.  Our family friendly environment is designed to help ambitious people not be limited by their time, talents, or finances.  Our in house experts can help guide you towards the perfect coating for your application.  Also visit our pricing page for a list of common services and pricing.

Powder coating is a much more durable finish than normal paint, so it is an attractive alternative to conventional painting.  It is applied as a charged powder that is attracted to any metal surface.  The powder is then cured at 300 to 400 deg F, into a smooth and extremely durable finish. At Vintage Works, we pride ourselves on our quality which is much better than most industrial applied coatings.  Each piece is hand prepared, cleaned, and coated.  This allows us to inspect and correct potential issues at multiple stages resulting in a high quality powder coat finish.

Our customers include hobbyists, restoration enthusiasts, industrial companies, restoration shops, and dealerships.  We cater to everyone from teenagers to retirees, and strive to provide an experience that is easy and stress free.

At Vintage Works of Green Bay, we make work fun. We designed our own custom powder coating booth.  It includes a circus themed awning and sign complete with chasing lights and clowns to give it some character.  The booth is state of the art with a modified down draft design.  It includes exhaust blowers, filtration, and integral lighting.  Our 3 ovens are directly accessible from the powder coating booth.  The booth is also completely wash down proof to ensure quality dust free finishes.

Come visit us, tour our shop and showroom, and let’s make something awesome!